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Bogus lie about russian bounty crap walked back - Trump was right again


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same old again. Lie, repeated endlessly again and again ad nauseam....

walked back. But it was another attempt at regaining intel brass power

over the WH.

meaning, clapper and brennan are liars, totally corrupt napoleonic sombeitches.

Think Hoorta will apologize?

I don't think so.


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The at-large Wyoming congresswoman capitalized on the report of Russian bounties to sponsor an amendment with Colorado Democratic Rep. Jason Crow to prevent the White House from reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan to below 8,000, action the Trump administration was actively preparing to finalize.

The legislation didn’t pass, and the president ultimately followed through on the troop draw-down post-election. This earned him endless scorn in the same press that celebrated President Joe Biden when the Democrat commander-in-chief announced this week all troops would leave the war-torn country after two decades.

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1 minute ago, FairHooker11 said:

so  - like the wall, Biden is riding Trumps coattails again

and still "plagiarizes..."


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