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Biden's first hundred days - disastrous one of lowest in HISTORY


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yet the likes of the proud haters can't admit they were made fools of by the leftwing msm.


Biden's first 100 days: Approval one of lowest in modern history, economy marks bad for new president

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What I don't like about the blaze is the editorialising they do in the headlines. There's probably nothing wrong with 52%. Especially in light that the msm has been kissing this guy's ass, covering for him, not reporting on any negative aspect of his presidency and throwing him softballs.  Also, and this happens a lot, nobody thinks about the long term destruction because it hasn't happened yet.

 Don't get me wrong, hes an idiot and just about everything hes saide has been shit. But let's face it a lot of people who get to sit on their ass and collected check instead of going to work like they should are fine with it. Just remember you could only refinance your house so many times before you start having to pay the mortgage.

 We know the policies suck even the democrats know the policies suck except they don't have the ball's to admit it.



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