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A Marine vet makes America's town hall folks' points


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What a serious tool. Nancy Pelosi wears a swastika? Nothing funnier to me than an uneducated/stupid person yelling at the top of his lungs. I need to attend some of these meetings just for comedy's sake. You know, maybe bring a couple of beers, sit in the back, put my feet up, fuck with some dumb folks and watch the magic unfold.


"I know you're not taking away my right to choose healthcare. Thank you very much for that." Umm OK, so what's your problem then? I couldn't find what this chimp was so pissed off about, other than the fact he was pissed off. I understand people are angry at their lot in life. But screaming to a politician who doesn't care is just a hilarious waste of time to me.


FYI I wouldn't want anyone "indoctorating my children," either.

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