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Offensive Output

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After 2 pre-season games, I have to say that the first team offense is looking pretty darn good, no matter who is at QB. Just look at the drives early in both games for examples:


Game 1:

BQ drives the offense 66 yards for a missed FG

BQ drives the offense 49 yards and is a dropped pass away from a TD


Game 2:

DA drives the offense 74 yards for a TD

DA drives the offense 56 yards for a FG


Although the Browns missed the FG and BE dropped that pass in the endzone, the offense had at least 2 good drives in the half that they played. It also seems that whichever QB was prepared to start is the one that is moving the team.


At this point, I can't say I can see an edge for either QB....but I can definitely see a HUGE difference in the way the offense is moving the ball this year.


(one thing to remember, the Browns were playing with a 3rd or 4th string QB during all but one of our TD-less games last year...how man teams do you know that would do much better with a 3rd or 4th stringer in there? We were 4-6 when we lost our top 2 QB's...so we weren't as bad as we looked then either.)

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