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By Marty Gitlin

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

12:31:15 am The Browns run blocking tonight was far superior to that of last week. OT John St. Clair believed that was a product of a strong week of work. "That's what the preseason is about. We worked hard and what we did attests to that."

12:28:31 am Browns rookie RB James Davis said the 81-yard TD was the longest of his life. He was winded when it was over. "I thought about jumping into the stands like Josh Cribbs does, but once I got into the end zone, I was so tired that the wall was looking awfully high. So I just ran to the sideline."

12:24:16 am Brady Quinn could have all but locked up the starting QB job if he had thoroughly outplayed rival Derek Anderson tonight, but he did not. "I think this is bringing out the competitive spirit in both of us," said Quinn. "We're pushing each other, which will make us both better and the team better."

12:22:58 am Browns QB Derek Anderson was pleased he was given the opportunity to play the entire first quarter. "I got into a little bit of a rhythm," he said. "And the guys were catching the ball well." Anderson finished 8-of-13 for 130 yards.

12:20:25 am One the most encouraging aspect of tonight's Browns victory was the work of their secondary, which held the Lions to a less than 50 percent completion mark. "The secondary is communicating well," said safety Abram Elam . "We're playing well together."

12:18:26 am Browns coach Eric Mangini said he was happy with the 81-yard touchdown run by James Davis, but he added that he's particularly interested in analyzing the rookie's work on special teams.

12:15:12 am It appears the QB battle between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn is a draw after Anderson played far better tonight than he did in the opener. "I'm not going to assess it that way now," said coach Eric Mangini. "That's why you look at the tape and see more subtle things."

12:07:19 am Browns coach Eric Mangini said QB Derek Anderson had a strong outing, but was upset with his decision that led to an INT in the two-minute offense at the end of the first half. "If it's not there, you just have to eat it and punt it," Mangini said.

12:05:11 am Though the Browns won handily Saturday night, coach Eric Mangini was far from thrilled by the 11 penalties, some of which killed drives. "We left a lot of plays out there," he said. "Win or lose, we have to look at those with a very critical eye and get them fixed in a hurry."

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