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Shaun Smith snaps at Kokinis

Guest Aloysius

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Guest Aloysius

Interesting stuff from Steve Doerschuk:


Behind Smith’s snipe at Kokinis


We were camped at the tunnel after the game when the Lions were coming through, on the way to their locker room.


Brown-turned-Lion Shaun Smith appeared with a surly look on his face, spotted GM George Kokinis and said, “I’ve got nothing to say to you.” One witness said Smith was a little more salty than that, but we didn’t hear first-hand. We only know that Smith’s face said “foul mood.”


Later, we saw Kokinis, who seemed distracted or preoccupied … something other than elated over beating Detroit.


What it means:


The Browns fired Smith. Smith, who has a mouth, reacted as one would expect when he saw a visible representative of the team that dumped him.

Kokinis, who is new at the GM business, was adjusting to how ugly things can get when you where the big hat.


Who knows whether it’s an issue that Smith and Rogers are friends who might commiserate about what’s fair and foul according to their vision of the Browns …

I was working the Browns locker room but didn’t make it over to Detroit’s to interview Smith. It might have been an interesting visit.


I did see Shaun Rogers making his way to the Detroit side, in street clothes, shortly after the game. Rogers hasn’t practiced lately and has missed both preseason games.


Smith was in on a couple tackles during Brady Quinn’s second series, in the second quarter. He got off a block by Pork Chop Womack and dropped James Davis after a 2-yard gain. Two plays later, who stopped Jamal Lewis for a 1-yard loss.


His other tackle came on the first running play of the game, when he stopped Lewis after a 1-yard gain. That’s right, Smith, who was listed as a fourth-stringer on a Lions press release during the week, started at defensive tackle.


Smith is becoming a pretty well-known player for a guy who has made 26 starts in five NFL seasons. Why do you suppose that is?

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Here's PFT's take:


Report: Shaun Smith chews out Browns G.M.

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on August 24, 2009 11:48 AM ET

Former Browns defensive tackle Shaun Smith largely lost his job in Cleveland for his inability to keep his mouth shut. (And his fists off Brady Quinn's magazine cover-worthy face.)


Now with the Lions, Smith isn't done yapping inappropriately at members of the Browns organization.


According to WKNR radio (via the Akron-Beacon Journal), Smith gave Browns G.M. George Kokonis an "expletive-filled tongue lashing" in a stadium hallway after Saturday's preseason game in Cleveland.


According to the report, Kokonis wisely walked away without saying a word, likely more secure than ever that dumping Smith was the right thing to do.

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"Kokinis, who is new at the GM business, was adjusting to how ugly things can get when you where the big hat."


how do journalists make these mistakes? it's a bit ridiculous.


I saw that. Hell, even Shep and Dency make mistakes occasionally. Well, maybe not Dency.

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Wait a minute. I thought Big Poppa was happy to be in Detroit.


Which is it Pussgut? Upset you got cut or happy to be in Motown?


The only thing bigger than this guy's mouth are his waistline and cankles. Good riddance, and I still can't believe there were posters on here who questioned this move. What an amazing a**hole.

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Way to prove the Browns were right to release you, Shaun. Mangini and mouths don't mix. We knew that on day one.


Hopefully Goodell's "No Tolerance" for punks and thugs requires an explanation from Smith. It doesn't seem like there would be a rational one either.


That guy's a punk. The ONLY QB he hit last year was in a weight room. And it's pretty sad the ONLY thing that got effort out of him on game day - was because he wanted to show a brass he could play if he found the right reason. I guess the 7 digit salary wasn't that reason.


- Tom F.

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Watching the end of the Detroit game and noticed Smith playing in teh 4th quarter. I only noticed because he got called for jumping offsides. He must be on the bubble in Detroit as well. I am sure running his mouth at Kokonis didn't sit too well with his new team. Looks like he is questionable to even make the roster..Again looks like we made the right move axing this guy.

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