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RIP Teddy

Mr. T

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While I almost never agreed with the man politically, and every man is responsible for his own actions (eg excuses are for weak spirited people), I do feel sorry for the guy watching his brothers get shot up across a 5 year span. I don't have any brothers, but a cousin who is like one, and I can't say my mental & emotional health would remain in top shape if he was murdered.


RIP Ted Kennedy, the person.

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How sad that this happened so quickly. I think he expected to have a little more time.


While I may have disagreed with his politics, he served his country for a long time and that means something.


May his family find comfort in their memories.



I think it good it went this fast.


As we age we know the end comes sooner or later.


Once you come to the conclusion the end is near, most would rather it be quick rather than a long drawn out painful death.


Death is never pretty. It hurts, it smells, and it is painful for the family.


Quick is good.


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