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Running laps

Guest Aloysius

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I've never really noticed before I think because it's hard to tell from the skycams & what-have-you during broadcasts - and we've had discussions on Foster's footwork issues - but man, from this angle, he looks like he's riding a chicken. (@1:11)


Does anyone have any reports to demonstrate that he's deviated from a Bi's, Tri's & Levi's workout routine in the Gym?

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Guest 88fingerslewy

Here's a true story for ya.


I had a coach in university that would make us run sprints for penalties aquired during each game. Every 10 yard penalty for the team was 100 yd sprint....for the whole team.


Coach gets a 15 yarder for mouthin off to the ref. Next practice he watched us do our penalty sprints, then says "LINE UP ON THE GOAL LINE!" We're thinkin', F**K!! NOW WHAT!? He took off running and did a full sprint from center field to the other goal line and finished where we were standing.


"Accountability", he said huffing and puffing. He just about passed out, he was 59 at the time. No one said a word. We all just walked off the field. That year we won the conference.

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