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Season Predictions....


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We have weathered the off season and this preseason campaign... Based on what I've seen... I believe the Browns can finish with a 13-4 record.. Advance to the AFC championship game and bid for a Superbowl appearance. But my biggest concern is the Kicker... Chase McLaughlin looked rather shaky this last game... If he's having difficulties in a Domed/covered stadium... That cannot bode well for the conditions and soupy weather at FES. I wonder if we might get Stephen Gostkowski out of retirement... But that said.. This team is setup to make a hell of a run at it this season... I would hate to see this season thwarted by bad PAT attempts and Bad FG's...

Go Browns!

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We didn't see much in the preseason from our starters.  And it's a long season where injuries can cripple predictions. 

I see a path to 11 wins.  And as many as 13.  But we could be ousted from the playoffs with losses to the likes of the Vikings, Chargers, Cardinals, Patriots &/or Raiders.

  • Week 1: 9/12 at Chiefs, 4:25 PM, CBS
  • Week 2: 9/19 vs. Houston, 1 PM, CBS    Must Win
  • Week 3mu: 9/26 vs. Bears, 1 PM, Fox    Must Win
  • Week 4: 10/3 at Vikings, 1 PM, CBS       Should Win
  • Week 5: 10/10 at Chargers, 4:05 PM, CBS    Should Win
  • Week 6: 10/17 vs. Cardinals, 4:05 PM, Fox   Should Win
  • Week 7: 10/21 vs. Broncos, 8:20 PM, Fox/NFL Network/ Amazon     Must Win
  • Week 8: 10/31 vs. Steelers, 1 PM, CBS
  • Week 9: 11/7 at Bengals, 1 PM, CBS     Should Win
  • Week 10: 11/14 at Patriots, 1 PM, CBS  Should Win
  • Week 11: 11/21 vs. Lions, 1 PM, Fox     Must Win
  • Week 12: 11/28 at Ravens, 8:20 PM, NBC
  • Week 13: BYE
  • Week 14: 12/12 vs. Ravens, 1 PM, CBS
  • Week 15: 12/19 vs. Raiders, time & TV TBD    Should Win
  • Week 16: 12/25 at Packers, 4:30 PM, Fox/NFL Network/Amazon
  • Week 17: 1/3 at Steelers, 8:15 PM, ESPN
  • Week 18: 1/9 vs. Bengals, 1 PM, CBS     Must Win
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