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bq starts tonight


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PD said Quinn is starting. I think it's just his turn and they'll both get plenty of time over 3 quarters. They need to pick their guy on Monday.



I agree....it is a rotational deal and the starter for the season needs to be named soon....maybe not Monday, but next week for sure.




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Here's the unofficial plan; Quinn will start and work the first quarter or at least 2 series. Anderson will work the second quarter and Quinn will get the 2minute drill if there is one. anderson will start the 3rd quarter with the #1s and play at lest 2 series. Quinn may also get time in the second half depending on how the day has gone but most likely it wouldn't be with the #1s. Most of the number #1s will play into the 3rd quarter or even most of it.


There will be some substituting of guys at WR, TE and RB on offense. and there will be some guys moving in and out at DL, LB and also the rotation at corner. Mostly the guys who will be getting a lot of playing time as subs or backups. The team will use there nickle and dime packages that they haven't used in obvious situations in the first two games.


This should be a good preview against a solid team. After tonight you should be able to tell just about where this team is as far as being competitive this year against grade A teams.


No matter what happens don't expect to hear who the QB will be. That isn't going to be announced until after the preseason. We may know after tonight but Mangini isn't going to make it official.

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