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The Escape of Prisoner 614

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TV movie. Found it while scrolling through "Free Movies" on Spectrum.

This is a funny movie. There's these two redneck goofball sheriff deputies in a back country town. The sheriff is a darth vader evil hard ass who comes in and ends their employment because there had been no crime, so why does he need them?

He leaves the office after taking their badges and guns. But the phone rings, and they find out an escaped alleged cop killer was on the loose and headed their way.

So, to get their jobs, back, they get their guns and badges and go after the "cop killer". Without the sheriff knowing.

It's a comedy. It's funny. It's goofy. It's charming. The two deputies have goofy shooting challenges ...

I recommend it. It's worth the time if you have any kind of sense of humor at all. LOL

You know it's a very good movie because of the cool scenery in the woods.....

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