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Well, Smith finally waddled into Bengals' camp. I'm sure he's been keeping himself in terrific shape, so he should be starting by opening day. My favorite quote from the ESPN story on his signing:


>>The team gave Smith's bed to another player during training camp in Georgetown, Ky. HBO's "Hard Knocks" episode last Wednesday showed teammates mocking Smith's weight during the team's annual rookie skits.<<



Actually, they were able to save money by making Smith's bed back into bunk beds and putting two players into them.

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Guest Aloysius
Andre Smith contract hinges half his salary to weight


The contract signed Sunday by Bengals tackle Andre Smith already was regarded in league circles as a bad one for the player, and a good one for the team.


A league source has shared with us a detail that makes it an even better deal for the Bengals.


Per the source, the contract contains a provision that slashes in half Smith's pay for each game in which he weighs in at 350 pounds or higher -- and in which he is not on the active 45-man roster. (So, basically, if he weighs 350 or more and plays, he gets the money.)


It's technically a de-escalator of his base salary, a device that is permissible as long as Smith's salary exceeds the league minimum for his specific level of experience. But it's a dramatic and (as far as we can tell) unprecedented move to compel a player to maintain a certain weight.


So, basically, Andre has millions of reasons to push away from the table on a consistent basis.


Then again, those reasons existed in the weeks and months before the draft; the connection, however, wasn't as clear.

An actual smart move by the Bungles. I've heard that Smith was desperately in need of money; otherwise, I doubt his agent would have signed off on a weight clause like that one.

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