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Biden calls Satchel Paige 'the great negro' in latest gaffe


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5 minutes ago, Axe said:

Really? you think it would've been "meh" had Trump uttered that word?

For me? Yes of course. Still the lefties would have s*** their pants if it were. But the quote didn't live up to the headline unfortunately as per usual. And the Negro Leagues were a thing. And the only reason the word negro freaks people out while Caucasian doesn't even raise an eyebrow it's because of liberal idiots.


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Debunking The Media's Top 6 Lies About President Trump ...

The most effective way to debunk the media's lazy and dishonest lies about President Trump being a racist, is to turn the tables on them. The media, along with their Democrat and establishment GOP allies, believe that black and brown people need pity and to be propped up — while white people deserve scorn and to be knocked down.
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