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LOCKED & LOADED’ Pro-CRT dad tells parents at school board meeting he has 'a thousand soldiers ready to go'


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blm intimidation. But we'll wait for the "insurrection" screamers to wail over these threats.

Of course it is a dangerous threat.

It all amounts to "you had better not politically oppose us because these are the fake reasons why and we will destroy over those fake reasons"

fake reason examples - mmgw....crt......all are racist, everything is racist.....fake gender adherence....socialism....communism.....any and all completely false accusations and lies..........completely bogus political legal prosecutions to destroy political opponents bank accounts and lives.

   it's what tyrants do. It's what socialist and communist governments do.

Speaking of that - communists and socialists KNOW...that socialism is a necessary step towards communism/total control.

COMMUNISM is the ultimate goal of socialism.

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1 hour ago, MLD Woody said:

The right does this literally all of the time. They use guns in political ads or they use "gun" language / symbols against their political opponents. Literally all of the time. Idk if the guns make them feel tough or if it's all about pandering. 

Is this guy in the picture carrying a firearm?

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