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At Least I Got A Kick Out Of This

Chicopee John

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I took the night off from my beer serving gig at the local Comcast Theater and took my 15 year old (I'll call him 'Jack') to see The Allman Brothers with Widespread Panic as opening act.


Ealier in the summer, I took him to see, Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp and Bob Dylan at our local Minor League Stadium (Dylan has been doing a Minor League Stadium tour the past few summers). 'Jack' is a Bob Dylan fan and he really liked this - his first concert.


Any way, Widespread Panic hits the stage and the air suddenly becomes filled with a pungent smell. Those things happen.


Jack looks at me and says, "Dad, did you just fart?". I said no and he asked if I was sure. I said I was sure.


On the way home, Jack was pumped tells me, "The only bad thing was that guy behind me who kept farting all night - it was really bad."


I never told him that there was no Santa Claus and I didn't have the heart to break his naivete.


Who said that Youth is wasted on the young???


Do you have any type of 'shy of coming-of-age stories?? If so, please share.

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