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anthony gonzalez is a cowardly lowlife liar who keeps betraying those who voted for him


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no wonder he has already announced he won't run again. My guess is, he ran and someone else is pulling his strings.

Actually, lower than low, imho. and he isn't the only one from Ohio.....


With 'Yes' Votes on a Federal Vaccine Database, 80 Republicans Want to Seal Your Fate—Seal Theirs and Vote Them Out


the left uses lists as a weapon to control. In NY, they passed a gun registration law. Know what happened>? The main newspaper PUBLISHED THE LIST to publicly ostracize and intimidate gun owners. Including firemen...police....and made them targets for theft, leftwing outrage, etc.

Dangerous precedent. And they will politically use a database like this.

Sound familiar from the past?

30,000 records kept by the Nazis, but not one name of ...

As everyone knows, the Nazis kept meticulous records of EVERYTHING --- except the names of the Jews who were gassed in the death camps. These Nazi records have been kept, for years, in "an inconspicuous white building" in the town of Arolsen, Germany. The records contain the names of 17.5 million people, but not one…
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