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Cal's absenteeism

Westside Steve

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cal on an adult website?!?!? NO FREAKING WAY!!!






(okay, I got to admit, that's a little funny)


Isn't mz the pussy on a self imposed ban?



I don't post too much on the Browns Board these days as it seems to be 95% I hate DA or I hate BQ.

(Or I love them)

But mz the pussy insisted Lum be banished or he'd take his daily whining about Fox Beck and T and quit.




As for the others, I figured life got busy...it happens.


It's Al Jezeera sweeps week....


And that NAMBLA - is Lums the founding member?!?! ;)




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Oh, "THANKS A LOT", Steve, you butthead. ROF,L !


AS I TOLD Steve, who is quite the comedian, our Vista computer


apparently has a virus from Craig's list or something. When I tried to repair it


with a non-destructive repair, it wouldn't work.


Says a driver is bad. Weird.


And this computer, the older one, had XP crash on it 6 months ago,


got corrupted after a lightning storm sent us into a blackout on our street...


I backed up our important files, (two stupid weeks old then from the last backup),


and reinstalled XP. But, the driver never reinstalled, so the ethernet card was toast.


But, I couldn't get on the internet, right?


So, I just went to Best Buy Tues morning, but when I started down our road,


I heard a "twanga, twanga, twanga, twanga, etc", so I stopped, got out, and on the right front tire, was a wire veggie basket handle.


The end of it was right through the tire. So, I kicked the tire, and turned around and pulled


back into the driveway, parked and jacked up the front end, pulled the wire out, took the tire off.


Well, when I went to the back to get the temp spare tire, the nut had rusted, and was


just turning around and around inside the plastic handle.



So, I would have taken our new used farm truck, but I couldn't close the garage door.


Just then, our farmer friend called, and was chuckling, because he was out in his garden over there,


and heard our car go "twanga twanga, etc" and figured after I kicked the tire, that I could use a hand.


So, he took the tire to town and had it fixed for me.


Then, I tried to make my new cookie to sell at the farmer's market, and


realized I didn't have time.


So, just Steve's luck, I installed the ethernet card and configured the net


on this older Dell late this morning.


Had a great time talking to Steve - he's a great guy, except I thought he was kidding


when he said he was going to say that is why I hadn't been around.


Ver-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ry funny, Steve. Paybacks... B)

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Steve's story was better, cal. :P HiwayGal



Maybe, but mine is true - and yeah, Steve will pay.... GGG


Hee hee.


Well that's exactly what Cal told me when I saw him at the farm market.

But I did say "adult" instead ofr Porn in the story I made up.


We are adults.







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BTW Cal.





for that software I mentioned.


WSS **************************************


THANKS ! (you bum...)


I've been framed.


And, T, I do like those peppers.


And, John, that was mean. Well, funny, but mean.


Although, we do have some Hungarian semi-hots that


get me all hot.










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