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For Lumnuts:


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:rolleyes: No, no Lumnutz...it's not DA. I said STARTERS, not backups.... ;)




For everybody else, please don't ask me WHY I would know about this article. If you have a wife, you know why..... :blink:


But,I for one am very surprised at the names on this list. :P


"Not that there's anything wrooooong with that..."

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Guest Aloysius
I was buying into that whole facial symmetry = attractiveness argument until I saw Big Gay Ben, kerry collins and aaron rodgers in the top 10 haha!

Philip Rivers is in there as well.





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i get that, but who the hell cares. you can't put rapelessburger and collins in there and expect to be taken seriously. but matt ryan is adorable.



I always through Terrell Suggs was a looker

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Guest 88fingerslewy
I never even clicked on the link, but I'm in favor of cutting Brady Queen.

The word "Brady" is from ancient egyptian, meaning "Dream."


The word "Quinn" is Gaelic (not gay-lick Stan, Gaelic) for "Boat."



Hence....Brady Quinn = Dream Boat.

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