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NFLPA / Shrine Bowl

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zS75SsXk.jpg.3ab37cbff7ef348f23dae6ae0d96cf80.jpg   Opens the 2022 NFL scouting bowl games..Sat. Jan, 29th  6PM NFL Network


All the need to knows... come on a, not* secure link      collegiate.nflpa.com 

use this link as secured..   https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft/nfl-draft-nflpa-bowl-all-star-game-tracker

Player Measurements can be found here, on a secure link ... https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft/nfl-draft-2022-nflpa-collegiate-bowl-measurements

See any names scouts should be watching? 👀 Here's your spot a serious sleeper can arise..

Gameday is Saturday/ Practice updates can be found on the web.. (Day 1 was yesterday)

Gameday Chats welcome Saturday..

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Was not a bad watch.. Marvin Lewis's squad outlast Jeff Fisher's squad..


https://www.nfl.com/news/2022-nfl-draft-five-takeaways-from-nflpa-collegiate-bowl   There was some late round talent here (2 QB's/4 WR's via link)

Most of my tv eye time was spent on watching the Tackle play..As a unit..Large men with over 34" inch arms seemed to qualify. What struggles them ?  Fresh/early...Lazy/late (durability/wear-down) Tarheel #75 red-Jordan Tucker was the best RT that played...Indiana #77 wearing blk.- Caleb Jones was the best LT that played..

Did anybody else watch? Any insights to players?

the week will move rather quickly to the Shrine Bowl this Thursday in LV.. link coming, 2nd day of Practice today....the player measurements are in... 

 https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2022-east-west-shrine-bowl-weigh-in-measurement-results (stock up wingspan)



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10's of 10's of views :)... let's just move the Topic Tag name slightly... Moving on to the Shrine Bowl which airs this Thursday Feb. 3rd, 8pm. Practice Day 1&2 are in the books. Most saw this coming🧐..

Quarterbacks struggle

It wasn’t the best showing from the quarterbacks as a whole. Each quarterback had a few nice throws in sporadic nature, but each fumbled snaps under center and from the shotgun. Some quarterbacks were slow to make reads, while others were slow to get the ball from Point A to Point B.

Senior Bowl is played this Saturday with higher QB hopes..Measurements start there today..

Shrine bowl practice links are a easy link find if needed.. 



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Senior Bowl practice for your viewing pleasure 🧐..

* Check your own local area *

#1.) Day 1 (today).. I only see streaming as only available... NFLnetwork has a 1 hour recap on at 8PM..

#2.) Days 2 & 3.. Starts on my ESPNU at one's teams practice at 12:30 to 2:30 on both days...ESPN2 will pickup the others teams practices at 3pm to 5pm on both days..Weds./Thurs.

#3.) Appears that the NFLnetwork will only run each days practice as a one hour recap show starting at 8pm..NFLnetwork has this game on Saturday at 2:30pm

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