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2010 Rotation


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With this season already over for two months now and management building for next year, i thought it would be good to guess what our rotation will be like next year. Remember, the team this and next year are supposed to be setting up for 2011 and beyond. We will take our lumps in 2010 and hopefully come out ready in 2011: at least that's the belief.


I'm not really sure that Westbrook won't be traded this offseason. If he isn't then look for him to be the number 1. However with this team's new direction of not having anyone over 28, don't be surprised to see him, Hafner and Wood be dealt. If Westbrook does in fact get traded, who would our number one be? Carmona? He is too inconsistent with his control or else he would be great. For now, let's assume he would be number one because he would be the oldest and most experienced. Number two would be Laffey. He continues to pitch well and give solid starts. He's no Cy Young winner, but he's a solid pitcher. I hope to God that we have seen enough of Sowers because I am sick of seeing the wheels fall off the second time through the lineup. This spot I'm hoping will go to Masterson. Yes, he needs to work on his mechanics, but he shows a lot of talent and could be a future number one. The last two spots are tricky. Do we start two rookies in Carasco and Rondon? Probably not. Odds are the powers at be will go out and sign a veteran pitcher just like we did with Pavano this year. That guy will probably be the four and possibly the three which would move Masterson down. If they do not get a veteran, look for David Huff to take the four spot. He has good stuff but, like all young pitchers, needs to work on mechanics. The final spot will go to the winner of the Carasco/Rondon battle. I've heard great things about Rondon and Carasco, if he gets better control, is supposed to be solid as well. I think that Rondon will win this battle. He has better numbers at AAA and has dynamite stuff.


So basically, this is what our rotation could look like:









1. Carmona

2. Laffey





It may be suicide to start three young guys three starts in a row, but the point is for these guys to get experience. They may get lit-up and pounded, but it is part of the learning process. I know that it is early and it doesn't make too many people happy, but this is where the team is going. I may be way-off on this and the Indians may never pitch this many prospects at the big league level, but it is still fun to guess.

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I think the only way we sign a veteran is if Westbrook isn't ready by Spring Training. I don't see the point of an old guy blocking any of our top prospects. It was fine with Pavano considering Miller was injured, Rondon was in Akron and that was about it in terms of impact starters....but now Rondon and Carrasco are or are close to be ready for the big leagues and have the potential to be dominant.


I'd be looking at/hoping for something like this...








With Huff, Rondon, Scott Lewis and such in waiting.


The only reason I think it could get out of control with young starters is if there's no stabilizing veteran every 5th day.....or if the bullpen melts down. If only we could clone 6 more Chris Perezes...

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