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I know it's just pre-season, but

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I know it is just 3 pre-season games, but I am pretty happy with what I am seeing so far.


The Browns are 2-1 so far....and the teams we have played are a combined 6-1 in games NOT including the Browns games.


The teams we have beaten (Detroit and Tennessee) are a combined 4-1 in the preseason not including the Browns games, and GB is 2-0.


Defensively we have done pretty well:

GB averages 37.5 pts per non-Browns games (only 17 vs the Browns)

Detroit averages 22.5 pts per non-Browns games (only 10 vs the Browns)

Tennessee averages 19 per non-Browns games (17 vs the Browns)


Offensively we struggled vs GB...but:

27 vs Detroit (averaging 22.5 vs others) and 23 vs a tough Tennessee defense makes me feel a bit better.


Like I said, I know it is pre-season, but I have seen improvement across the board. Let's hope the upswing continues.


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NFL Network this morning was interviewing Chris Collingsworth. He said Green Bay is THE surprise of the preseason.

So, their good, and we didn't give up a ton. I believe the average NFL defense gives up 17/game. So, we gave up the average to a team who appears to be in "mid-season form (again, Collingsworth's words)".


I'm with you, it's preseason, but I'd rather look good than look like crap.


In fact, it looks like we're improving every game - a trend nice to see.

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Theres no doubt the browns are getting better with every game and there is really no reason to think that this trend will change even in the face of injury i believe this club is capable of still playing tougher than we have seen for many years...;)

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