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Teams the Browns are BETTER than


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Instead of going through the schedule one by one, I think a good way to evaulate your expectations for the team is to ask yourself: Who are the Browns better than?


Not on par. Better than.


I would feel safely comfortable saying we are better than the Lions, Rams, Broncos and Oakland.


I would say we're on par with a lot of OK teams.


I have a hard time saying something like "We're better than the Cowboys." I would have a hard time even saying "We are better than Green Bay." I think a lot of teams we're just on the same level as, the capacity to win or lose depending on how things go. But I can't see us consistently being able to beat elite teams. Even if we have the talent I doubt we have the confidence, the mind set.


I think this is an average team that gets an average amounts of wins or slightly less.


But that's OK. I think the fans just need to be patient and expect the winner of the QB battle to not do miracles. The team will probably suck this year BUT I feel like Mangini is pulling us in the right direction.


I trust Brett Ratliff will do us right.

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