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Why the Browns are likely to keep Lewis

WPB Dawg Fan

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We often complained about how RAC was so enamored with veteran players. How he seemed to always keep guys around despite having younger players.


Well, we may not see much change from that.


Take a look at the 2008 'oldest teams'. Notice which team is listed as #4....that's right, New England and Bill Belicheck.


So, considering RAC came from the BB tree....and Mangini also comes from the BB tree...and he has brought in a bunch of older players (Barton, 32; Bowens, 32; Coleman, 30; Furrey, 32; Ivey, 32; Patton, 35; Poteat, 32; Royal 31; St.Clair, 32; Womack, 31), I highly doubt he is going to let go of players like Lewis and Fraley just because they have hit the 30 year mark.


Although I do see more of a willingness to PLAY the younger guys...I think we can look forward to having a veteran team for the duration.

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I definitely agree with you on keeping Lewis, but you also have to keep in mind that being 30 as a center, and being 30 as an RB is a huge difference.


WRs also last a lot longer than RBs, I think RBs simply have the lowest life span of playing, which is why I think many teams are starting to implement a dual or even tri running system to get the most durability out of their backs.

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Here's the average age of each team's starting lineup on opening day, plus the number of players in the lineup 30 years of age or older:
Team            Age     30s
Kansas City     25.18   3
Houston         25.77   2
Indianapolis    26.18   2
Buffalo         26.40   3
Oakland         26.59   4
Cleveland       26.72   4
Atlanta         26.77   5
Baltimore       26.86   5
Carolina        26.95   5
Philadelphia    27.0    5
Cincinnati      27.0    7
Minnesota       27.13   5
New Orleans     27.18   5
Arizona         27.27   4
NY Giants       27.27   5
Seattle         27.27   6
Miami           27.27   8
Green Bay       27.31   5
Chicago         27.31   6
Denver          27.36   7
San Diego       27.54   6
San Francisco   27.63   5
St. Louis       27.68   7
Tennessee       27.72   5
Detroit         27.90   8
NY Jets         27.90   8
Jacksonville    27.95   5
Tampa Bay       28.18   6
Pittsburgh      28.18   7
Dallas          28.22   6
New England     28.22   8
Washington      28.63   9


Notice, the Jets (7th) and Pats (2nd) are both pretty high up in the rankings of age...and surprisingly the Browns were one of the YOUNGEST teams...despite our complaints.

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Guest Aloysius

While the Pats may be a veteran team, a distinctive trait of Belichick's Patriots has been Mumbles' willingness to cut ties with guys just before their play declines.


Whether it's age (Mike Vrabel), weight (Damien Woody), or there just being a better alternative (Lawyer Milloy), Belichick's never been known to keep guys around just because they've been around. If he anticipates a decline in play, he either gets value for them or lets them go.


However, Belichick has that leeway because the Pats have a lot of depth, which may not be true in the case of our RB depth chart. Maybe releasing JLew would have been an option if Harrison had been healthy all pre-season, but I don't see it as very likely now.

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I agree Alo but I also know he brings IN guys in thier 30's, like Seau, Corey Dillon, Moss, and Harrison. And he will let go of guys who produced, like Branch, Samuel, and others. Bill knows when to cut you, trade you or sign you. It is an art from with him be because much like Pit and Bal, the culture and mentality of the players alows for new guys to tow the line. Not easily duplicated.

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Mangini likes him

roto times article today


James Davis, RB, Cleveland Browns Friday 9/4, 2:05 PM CT


Browns coach Eric Mangini said on Friday that rookie running back James Davis is not yet a threat to Jamal Lewis' starting job, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Our View: Davis rushed for a robust 186 yards on 24 carries ( 7.8 yards per carry) this preseason, while Lewis looked even older and slower than the back that averaged just 3.6 yards per carry last season. It's possible the veteran Lewis could keep his starting job all season, but it's not looking likely at this point.


Lewis is not done.. guy gets better with more carries as the game goes on..he has hardly touched the ball this year. so he has not had the opportunity to get in that zone

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