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OK, I was wondering if they could look into this.....from the moderators PM.....I think it might create more interest on TBB......


  On 4/23/2022 at 12:52 PM, mjp28 said:

Question for the Admin and Moderators (Saturday 4/23/22) :

Can we bump up the time that the board viewers are shown from 30 minutes to maybe 60, 90 or other time frame ?

I think it would give a better idea of who's online here, etc. ?  I've seen other boards go out farther than just who's been on and what are they interested in for 30 minutes.   This should be done by a simple bump up in the settings.  I would be interested to see the " increased activity "  here.  mjp

No idea, it never occurred to me. I can always ask the support folks. I was under the impression that the list of people online was in real time.

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Thanks for the heads up. It's a great community here....especially when you can take the dopes and put them on an ignore list.  :)

Oh, and please take the leaf off of my telescope on my avatar.  :)



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