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Countries with strict gun control hit by recent mass shootings and gun violence need woody's advice!


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south africa

Countries with strict gun control hit by recent mass shootings and gun violence


South Africa was the latest to see a mass shooting, with at least 19 people being killed in two separate shootings last week in Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg. In Johannesburg, 15 people were killed and many more injured when a gunman opened fire on patrons in a bar. A similar scene played out the same night in Pietermaritzburg, where two men entered an area bar and opened fire on patrons there, killing four people an injuring eight.

The two shootings happened despite tight gun regulations in the country, with GunPolicy.org rating South Africa's firearms regulations as "restrictive." Civilians in the country are not allowed to possess semi-automatic weapons without a special endorsement, while handgun ownership is permitted but only after obtaining a license under specific circumstances.

South Africa's strict restrictions have led to a large black market for guns in the country, with almost 13,000 people being arrested in the country for illegal possession of firearms in 2020/2021, according to the Associated Press. 


Denmark has similarly restrictive gun regulations, with GunPolicy.org also classifying the country's laws as restrictive. But the strict laws were unable to prevent last week's mass shooting at a mall in Copenhagen, where a lone gunman opened fire on shoppers, killing three people and injuring seven more.

Danish citizens hoping to obtain a license to own a firearm have to prove there is a genuine reason to own a gun and pass a background check including criminal and mental health, while the government keeps a record of citizens that are currently allowed to buy, own, or sell guns. 

In neighboring Sweden, authorities have been grappling with an increase in gun crime over the last several years despite similar laws. According to a report by ITV News London, Sweden recorded 342 shootings and 46 gun murders in 2021, an increase from only 25 shootings as recently as 2015. Like Denmark and South Africa, Sweden's gun regulations have been classified as restrictive by GunPolicy.org.


Like in Denmark, Swedish residents must prove a genuine reason to own a gun before applying for a firearm license. The application process is strict, including and criminal and mental health background check, a firearm safety course, and limits on the number of guns an individual can possess.



"Praying for the people of Copenhagen, Denmark," Dr. Willie Montague, a GOP candidate running in Florida's 10th Congressional District, said on social media after the shooting in Denmark. "Also praying the Left wakes up and realizes that mass shootings are not prevented by gun laws. Denmark makes it nearly impossible to get a gun, yet a mass shooting just happened there."


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