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An Invitation to the College Board


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Hey guys,


I wanted to do this last year, but I kept forgetting until it was too late. As the moderator for the college board, I'd like to get as many different perspectives as possible. Obviously it's different from the big board, since we follow different teams and live in different parts of the country. That might turn out to be an advantage. Here are some examples of things I'd really like to see:


1. Regional experts--I know there are some of us in SEC country, some folks out west, and obviously all over the midwest. As such, we get to see different games. It would be fun to have posts that talk about the games that are covered locally in different markets, because most of us just see the box score.


2. Conference guys--I think there's already a "This Week in the Big Ten" thread that somebody started. Obviously the SEC guys are going to pay more attention to those games, the Big Ten guys, etc. It seems like it would be fun to be able to get the perspective on the conference as a whole from folks we trust.


3. The view from the stands--I go all the Vols games in Knoxville, and I know that Flugels has season tickets to Vandy. First-hand accounts from games would be a lot of fun to read. It's obviously not just about what happens on the field; I've always liked hearing and reading about the atmosphere at different stadiums.


And of course, discussions of the games of the week and guy's draft stocks are always welcome.


In any event, if you have an interest in the guys who are still playing for free (or in the case of USC, guys who'll take a pay cut when they get drafted), fell free to stop by.



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