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BROKEN PROMISES: Vast majority will pay more in taxes as result of Dems' inflation bill


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and this should be listed under ..."they voted for this" thread, too. They voted for corruption, lies, threats, and higher taxes, and ......everything bad going on.

this American gov is full of corrupt sob's and they are all in on keeping their power, no matter what.

that means it's going to get a lot worse, folks.

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"There's a $25 billion crude oil tax in this bill," he added. "That's something that's going to hit everyone. That's a regressive tax increase on poor people that raises their energy costs, raises the price of gasoline."

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Well, they are forcing inflation - to use it as a weapon to force Americans into doing what they tell them to do.

Make them richer and more powerful.

Meanwhile, I tell you now - the steep rise in fuel costs is going to screw up our food production profitability.

 It's like they want a "Weimar Republic" skyrocketing inflation to happen there.

Stock up on food, folks. Everything is going to get a lot more expensive.

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