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Langston Walker


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Wow. I thought he was supposed to be good? Seems like a right side guy. Isn't he like 370 or something?


He was a right-side guy who (I think) was tabbed to replace Peters at LT. Something went awry somewhere, obviously, and here he is.


Is he better than St. Clair? I dunno. Where's Alo???????????

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Guest Aloysius
Where's Alo???????????

On the College Football board.


Don't know much about Walker, though I've heard that his pass blocking was awful during the pre-season games. The Bills like Demetrius Bell (Karl Malone's estranged son) as a potential franchise left tackle, so they decided to go with him instead.


Whether the Browns give him a look might depend on what Rob Ryan thinks: he's familiar with Walker from when they were both in Oakland.

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