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Hey Zombo....where is our "This Week in the AFC North" Roundup?

Guest mz.

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The Stoolers play on Thursday, y'know...


.... and it's all about the Steelers.


Let me help yinz out.


Steelers/Tits. Game of the week, no doubt. LenWhale chokes on the Terrible Towel trying to eat it. Steelers by a TD.


Stains/Vikes - who cares, first in a long losing streak for the stains. Mangini replaced by Quinn as HC. Vikes by two TD's.


KC/Rats - Flacco mobbed by kids thinking he's Bert. KC with a shocking upset, by 4.


Bungles/Broncs - DUI checkpoint nabs half the Bungles team, they still win. bungles by 6.


Write it down.








..... an'at







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Tits 24

Incesteelers 17 -Big Gay Ben gets his first major butt reaming of the season and liked it enough to play next week..


Browns 27- The browns dual QB system overwelms the williams wall even with DAs 3 interceptions..

Vikings 17-Farve meets rogers up close and personal out for 2 weeks...


Ravens 17-Defense thats built to keep the incesteelers from going anywhere this year..

KC 7


Cincy 31-Palmer looks sharp the broncos look like crap..

Denver 10

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in all honesty i am taking the steelers and giving the 6 points. if the steelers were giving 14, i would still take them. the titans still have an old, statue qb, virtually no wrs, and i don't care what anyone else says: they cannot possibly have as good of a defense after losing albert haynsworth. anyone who thinks they are better on d are delusional. they have a good running attack, but the steelers shut down the run better than anyone. yes the titans won last year, but this time it's in pittsburgh. the steelers will win this game and probably by 2 or more possessions.

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