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RAC in a Coors Light commercial?


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You sure it wasn't an Arby's commercial?


Here is part of the article I read:


"The 2009 Coors Light Press Conference Hall of Fame includes former NFL coaches

Edwards, Brian Asshole, Romeo Crennel, Mike Ditka, Dennis Green and Jim Mora.

The coaches were selected based on the notoriety of their rants and popularity

of their Coors Light commercials with fans."


I've seen the commercials for everyone of them except RAC.

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Somewhat relative to the thread, things like the following are suddenly friggin' hilarious (as opposed to maddening) now that Crennelephant no longer has his Krispy Kreme-glazed fingers tinkering around with our team:



"Never tried pork gravy on Lucky Charms. You should."

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