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Such Sad News :( 



A two time Rock n Roll HOF'er..1992 & 2009..

Makes my list of top 10 Guitarist 🎸  

RIP to the Great Jeff Beck  🙏 

(#Goodbye Pork Pie Hat) 🎩


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On 1/11/2023 at 6:39 PM, Axe said:

2023 is starting very badly. :(

Well you hate to see one of the absolute   best   there ever was to pick up a guitar and do his thing.   The best ever,   maybe   he was certainly one of the top 10 or top 5 maybe top 1, 2, 3 who knows.   For sure he is one with the guitar everything he goes out to play.

Starting very badly again who knows maybe he had a great 78 years of his life that's up to him and his immediate family to judge.   No matter what may he rest in peace and thanks for some fantastic rock and roll guitar music.   Who knows  maybe he will go down as the best guitar player of all time ...... not many would be able to debate that one away from you.   

A rock and guitar legend for sure.   

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Jeff was the most original sounding guitarist I think I ever heard... Michael Landau stands next behind hind him in that category... I never really felt there ever was /will be a best ever! guitarist....  There will be a lot of great ones... And a select few who shine above the rest... Jeff is/was one of those select few.. The phrasing, Tonality and passion... The whole package.. Jeff was a guitarists guitarist. Could play a number of genres of music quite very well in fact... Jeff had an enormous vocabulary of motifs ..Phrases..."Beckisms" I like to call'them.. I've stolen a few over the years... I might even do a video to break down some of his technique RIP to one of my all time heavies...

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