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Biden's treaty would put Americans' health care last

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Biden's treaty would put Americans' health care last

Biden's treaty would put Americans' health care last


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President Joe Biden's diplomats are negotiating a treaty with the World Health Organization to promote so-called global health equity. The premise is that in a pandemic or other worldwide disease emergency, Americans should not get better or faster health care than inhabitants of third-world countries. If Biden rams this through, Americans will suffer and die needlessly.

Under the draft treaty, presented in Geneva on Feb. 1, the U.S. will be obligated to hand over a whopping 20% of its medical supplies, including diagnostic tests, antiviral medications and vaccines, to WHO for global distribution. 

Article 10 of the treaty specifies this will be done in "real-time," not after American needs are met. The U.S. will no longer be able to rush treatments and vaccines to its own citizens, prioritizing them before sending aid to other countries.

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Is this a demoncrat mafia neurosis nationally ? or it makes all "democrats" happy to be "citizens of the world" rather than citizens of their own country?

sick. yes, the world wants our wealth.

and sure, the lefty fake "Americans" at heart - hate the capitalism that created that wealth.

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