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This explains some stuff - michigan state u says you can't say "America" or "female" anymore.

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verboten, eh?

"fall in line with the political left or else" eh?

It's everywhere now.

the list:

assault on 1st and 2nd Amendments, entire Constitution/Bill of Rights,

assault on christianity, conservative groups, patriotism, assault on the reality of only two genders....

assault on the moral fabric of Real American society,

assault on parents who disagree, parents' rights....

assault on children/pervert social engineering/hitler youth kind of brainwashing...

assault on our Flag, our military, conservative media, all republicans, ...

assault on truth about anything when it is in conflict with leftwing desires for power...

assault on the family structure, assault on our capitalist system.....

weaponizing the irs, fbi, cia, doj, dhs

the attempted weaponizing of our U.S. Supreme Court (garland? REALLY?)

just....this is not even a complete list, I think.


State University Tells Students It's Wrong to Say 'Female' or 'America'

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