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I Want Reparations For My Italian/Croat Heritage!

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The reparations come from taxes so unless the people getting reparations are not working they are paying themselves reparations, if they are on welfare or SS ( maybe) they will lose it until the reparations are spent.

And then they will have to pay taxes on the reparations...which will go toward paying reparations...

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3 hours ago, FY56 said:

Recommended viewing for white guilt liberals.

Starring Candance Owens 

A Short History of Slavery | PragerU


There is also a video claiming to debunk this. I sat listening to that nonsense without anything of substance being debunked.

Candace Owens went right on to my shit list... Shes a fucking two face...

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2 minutes ago, FY56 said:

How so?

Because of that video?

No she turned on Trump... I can't remember what it was... It was quite awhile back...

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