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so, biden plans on cutting back funds for medicare advantage...

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right - medicare people - a lot of them do not vote leftwing radical perversion party.

Meanwhile, I finally had my eyes checked, and have to eventually have cataract surgery.

Worse, my left knee - it's been seven years since my right one was replaced, but now the left one

has hit a wall. Over a weeks' time,  the dr showed us how my knee has started falling apart inside.

xray one week later showed a collapse of the entire cushion leading to zero space between the upper and lower bones in my leg.

I'm doing pretty good now, but the inflammation and damage was more pain that I can say in words.

But, I was told 7 years ago then, that my left one was going to have to be replaced, too. We're having fun,

I waited a year too long.

   And this with biden? that corrupt bastard is being handled by traitorous freaking leftwing perverted morons, you betcha.



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