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headed for WWIII ? russian "isis-like terrorist troops" proudly now beheading with knives - and filming it.

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sicker and sicker. Headed towards WWII, because Pres Trump's strength of leadership and doing hundreds of good/GREAT things for America, and keeping the peace in the world, was laughed at by ignorant heartless hyenas. Now look - we were right.

"oh, our allies are not happy with us". No, because America needs them to be VIGILANT - too many are NOT. Letting us protect them.

guess what. Now they see the incredible fall of American leadership - and the political greed, corruption and cowardice of the yanking of American troops out of Afghanistan, leaving well over a hundred AMERICANS BEHIND, and deliberately leaving about a half dozen of our soldiers to be blown up - they said to NOT take out a suspicious suicide bomber.

The world is being ridiculed, and russian forces are ready to launch an all out offensive, while china conveniently....

watch for it - there is going to be another war.

china is on the rampage, and will not wait for a republican to get elected in 2024.


even germany is realizing the seriousness of the war crimes in Ukraine by russians.


and, for emphasis - remember how the russians kidnapped thousands of Ukraine children? and took them back to russia?

read on.

all hell is going to break loose folks.

1 day agoThe father of a a Russian girl sent to an orphanage after drawing an antiwar sketch at school has been extradited from Belarus back to Russia, a human rights group reported Wednesday. He faces two years in prison there. Alexei Moskalyov fled house arrest just before his sentencing hearing last month in the town of Yefremov, south of Moscow.


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