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Emotional "good idea" to dumb people - guns that only work with authorized users......

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so, the problems offhand:

A. Looks too big to conceal carry. Nice try.

B. Is way too expensive.

C. So, you can't teach your friend or spouse or older child how to shoot because it

will NOT WORK. (nice try again - trying to eliminate the culture as much as possible)

D. Let me guess- the batteries are made in communist china, too, eh? biden corrupt family kickbacks again?

E. Won't work in any electromagnetic field? (machines? cars running? high voltage lines overhead? Radio signal jamming?

F. Yes, anti-2nd Amendment wonks WANT a new gun - to outlaw all the old ones they don't know where they are.....and they will get gun registration automatically. (programmed by ....the feds, eh?)

G. So, how does the gun get programmed to know who the "authorized user" is, in the first place? Maybe, a 500 dollar programming fee? haha?

H. sorry, never going to buy it, it can go to Hell.

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