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Vikings release Wade


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Wide receiver Bobby Wade was released by the Vikings on Thursday, a week after agreeing to rework his contract and take a pay cut from $3 million to $1.5 million for this season. Wade also would have then become a free agent at the end of this season.


The Vikings signed wide receiver Greg Lewis to replace Wade. Lewis had been with New England and prior to that was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.





incidently, lewis was the guy bellicheck cut to stash lockett on the PS. berrian is questionable at the moment, so it looks like brett has some younger talent to throw to.....without much rep time. look for some INT's, as the receivers will be outta step with their aging QB and some errant throws may result.

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after seing what shaun did to mack, i dont think the vikes rookie center will hold up too well either.....so you have 1 if not 2 guards constantly helping inside. we need discipline from the OLBs to hold contain and keep AP inside the tackles. otherwise, they wont have to throw a ball all game.


so long as we dont give up the homeruns, im pretty optimistic about our chances. if they had a legitimate passing threat, i'd be more worried. i think DA behind center would be a sitting duck, so the slants to cribbs and furrey should be open all day long.

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