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Coast Guard: "Shots Fired" on Potomac Just Training

No actual shots were fired




Updated 10:38 AM EDT, Fri, Sep 11, 2009


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The Coast Guard is denying a CNN report that it fired 10 rounds at a "suspicious vessel"


in the Potomac River.


CNN reported that the Coast Guard had fired the rounds at a boat in the Potomac.


According to the Coast Guard, however, it was a training exercise.


That now begs the question: Why was the Coast Guard conducting a training exercise


involving radio calls about shots fired in the Potomac River moments before


President Barack Obama's motorcade crosses one of the river's bridges?


D.C. Harbor Patrol and the FBI confirmed that the incident was a training exercise.


There was a simulated radio call about shots fired, but no actual shots were fired,


according to the FBI.


A temporary restricted zone had been set up on the river due to the Pentagon 9/11


ceremony, according to CNN.

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