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State-sponsored free speech "monitor"/online destroyer - fails. So the biden regime starts it back up again by a fake name

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yep. "disinformation board" again. but it has "foriegn" in the title. haha.

except it has the name "foreign malign influence center". and one of the reasons for it...is....

"election security". Brought to you by "homeland security" and... "the corrupt fbi" .

funny? no, really dangerous and sad. The door is open for hammering anyone who doesn't like how the fbi and cia

screwed the American people over in 2020. they manipulated public opinion dramatically.



and guess who is BACK !!!!

"To head up this new entity, the administration tapped Nina Jankowicz, a smiling, Mary Poppins tunes-singing bureaucrat with kind of a creepy edge. She was described as, “a well-known figure in the field of fighting disinformation and extremism.” Translation, an expert in suppressing free speech."

nina the nutjob is back.



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3 hours ago, The Cysko Kid said:

Disinformation being fought by the people that tell you that trannies are literally and actually women despite the fact that you can see their sad lonely dicks is a pretty humorous concept. 

yep. sadly, humorous. and so stupid it's sad.

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