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Could someone please explain to me

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Ha! Still drinking... because, well there was a Browns game today.


Dennis my gang is from Donegal - waaaay Northern Ireland. Amazingly fun & hospitable bunch of drunks from such a cold & hateful climate.


I know there are many other arguable instances, but for me, this is the 1st time I think Weis cost us the game. That 1st & 10 call to the FB (Hughes - who had to be helped off the field last week), instead of going to Allen (#5) who had a great game all day was silly. Two incompletes later, and the Doucherines get the ball back with plenty of time. Seems Weiss took a page from Crennel's autobiography: Great Moments in Decision Making


Travis Minor (UM) is a legit RB, and I wish Rich-Rod had waited til next week to figure that out. Our D while improved, still needs a lot of work.

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