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cleveland fans are funny


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You guys make me laugh, your qb throws 60%, 205 yds, 1td, 1pick, and you want a new one, you would be getting rid of 75% of qbs in the league after the first week, plus Elway, Aikman, Manning, and many others who went about 1or 2 wins in their first full season starting. Who do you want instead? Cutler? 4 picks?



Also, Lumnuts, what did Tom Brady do all night tonight-Dink and Dunk- its called moving the chains. You are a joke, but I have to laugh at how stupid Cleveland fans and Lumbergh both really are. Lets keep the qb changes going. Just like Cowboys with Aikman, Broncos with Elway, etc.,etc., etc., We will never win that way and you can bitch forever. By the way, I bet anything Derek or Brady are traded by week 6.


Browns fan in Washington

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This is copied from another thread I posted on earlier in case you didn't see it....


Tom Brady;

26 passes complete for 10 yards or less = 67%


11 passes complete for 11 yards or more = 28%


1 pass complete for 20+ yards = 2.5%


1 pass complete for 30+ yards = 2.5%



ludicrous to compare the two but just for shits n giggles...


Brady Quinn...


11 passes complete for 10 yards or less = 52% (3 of those came in the final 3 drives when Vikings was "playing soft")


9 passes complete for 11 yards or more = 43% ( 5 of those came in the final 3 drives when Vikings were "playing soft")


1 pass for 20+ yards (the td at the end to Royal) = 5%


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the man is right



I agree. You know what. After thinking about it more and more I think Brady is going to be ok. If WE let him grow in to this job and he builds some momentum then he could be a pretty darn good QB. Its not BQ. Its alot of things on offense. He will get better as the season progresses and when it is all said and done I think we will have our QB I really do. He is going to have some bad games, who doesnt? But he will have some good games, you can bet on that. After this year of expierence he will be fine.





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I agree. It's the problem with the entire twitchy-finger organization, as well as all the other perennially bad teams in the league.


Brady Quinn was a successful division 1 QB who was drafted in the first round and has FOUR starts to his name. NO, I REPEAT NO QB'S are great right off the bat.


The guy needs support, both physical and emotional from the organization and then the city. Brady needs to hear "YOU ARE OUR GUY NO MATTER WHAT. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET IT DONE, BABY!!!!"


WORK WITH HIM and not against him. Help him be successful.


And not just Brady, but all the players. Great teams instill CONFIDENCE in their players and build them up. Not wait around for them to screw up. If someone drops a pass, go back to them quickly. If a back fumbles, get him the ball back soon. If it gets too bad, let him sit and get himself together. if it never changes sit him and then move him.......but give these guys support and any group of players can win.


I'm just as tired of losing as the rest of you, but it will continue indefinitely unless the organization keeps coaching staffs and players intact while making minor changes through the draft to continually improve.


The Steelers are loaded with avarage players who always look good because of the stability of the organization, scheme and coaching. They are so familiar with the system they can play instinctively and swiftly. We NEVER have that. Give the unit time to GROOOOOWWWWW................

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