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My God, Why Isn't a Catch A Catch Anymore


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I'm watching this Raiders v. Chargers game and just witnessed the dumbest bunch of Retarded refs blow a great touchdown call. Whatever happend to just catching a ball, and as long as it never touched the ground and long as you got both feet in bounds it was a catch. None of this bullcrap of did he maintain control... Well for crying out loud if the ball never touched the ground than it sounds like he maintained control.


And whatever happend to the rule that the ground can't cause a fumble? I don't hear that anymore either. This league is turning into a rules whorefest. Can't tough this person, can't hit 'em this way or give 'em a dirty look. You can't celebrate for doing what yoru paid to do. My God... Free this game back up like it used to be...

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That has to be the worst call of the year


That is ridiculous, this game MUST be rigged


There is no excuse for that shit refs, you reviewed it for 5 mins and it clearly was a catch!!!


Your saying that Santonio Holmes TD in the superbowl was a catch (which is was) and that wasnt? Absolutely Retarded

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