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The Gipper's Cup

The Gipper

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The Gipper's Cup is awarded to the Division I college conference that performs the best in intecollegiate sports competition as determined by its ranking in the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Director's Cup.

That cup is awarded to the individual college that performs the best on the national level in 33 men's and women's intercollegiate sports. Points for that cup are given to each school based on where they place nationally in a particular sport. E.g. 100 points for a national championship and down from there. The most points accumulated in each sport, the higher that school is ranked. This year, Stanford University came in #1, North Carolina was #2, Florida was #3 etc. up to VMI at 278th)


The Gipper's Cup takes the national ranking in the NACDA of the best 10 schools in each of the major conferences, Pac-10, ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, and the combined Mountain West/Big West and accumulates the rankings. I chose only the top 10 schools because these conferences have different number of members, but they all have at least 10. The poorest performing schools in conferences of over 10 members will not be counted. The scoring is similar to a cross country meet. That is, low score wins. A school's points is based on where it placed. Thus Stanford scores 1 point for the Pac 10, North Carolina 2 points for the ACC, Florida 3 points for the SEC, etc.


And the Winner is: THE BIG TEN with 263 points


Their schools scored 5+10+14+19+20+27+38+41+44+45=263


Second is the SEC with 267 points

Third: Pac 10 with 287 points

Fourth: ACC 297 points

Fifth: Big 12 with 367 points

Sixth: Mountain/Big/West: 507 points

Last: Big East with 688 points.



Notes: 1. The Pac 10 would have won going away as they had 8 schools score in the top 25, but Oregon State came in 70th place, and Washington State 120th place (of 278).


2. Sports include: men's baseball, women golf, men golf, women lacrosse, men lacrosse, women rowing, women softball, women tennis, men tennis, women track and field, men track and field, men volleyball, women water polo, women basketball, men basketball, coed fencing, women gynmastics, men gymnastics, women ice hockey, men ice hockey, coed rifle, coed skiing, women swimming and diving, men swimming and diving, men water polo, women cross country, men cross country, men football, women field hockey, women soccer, men soccer, women volleyball.


3. For complete school results see: http://www.nacda.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_ch...to_pdf/june29d1

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My purpose in producing both this "Athletic Gipper's Cup" and the "Academic Gipper's Cup" is to demonstrate which of the major conferences truly lives up to the expectation of producing "Student-Athletes" by seeing which conference does the best to combine both discipline.

In this regard I think it can be concluded that The Big 10 is perhaps the premier conference in overall achievement of its student athletes. It was the winner by a slight margin in the athletic compilation and came in second in academic achievement. The ACC seems to follow close behind the Big 10 with a first in academic and 4th in athletics.

The SEC is at both ends of the spectrum. It came very close to the Big Ten in athletics, but seemed to fall badly in academics. Perhaps that conference has its priorities a bit askew. The Big East did not fair particularly well in either area. Last in athletics, bottom half in academics.

The one school that clearly stands out is STANFORD. It won the NACAD's Directors cup as best performing sports school in the country....and by the way has done so now for 14 year's in a row. It also is rated the #4 best Academic institution in America. There can be no question about the quality of that institution. (and by the way, my wife's uncle was a language professor there).

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