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The race baiting by Obama and leftist Dems


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And I SAY Obama, because his actions, especially the support of ACORN for all these years,...


lends itself to a corrupt arrogance by some.


And I SAY this, because different students have said in school that


they can do anything they want now, because Obama won.


But Obama is making it a crisis, along with the irresponsible actions and statements


of leftists in Congress.


Black students beat up white student.


No black students would let him sit down.


The video is here:



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And another one:





Controversy leads to resignation request

Cason asked to step down by community members


By Johnna Pinholster



VALDOSTA — The Rev. Floyd Rose called for Valdosta City School Superintendent


Dr. Bill Cason’s resignation Monday night.During the regular Board of Education


meeting Rose, president of the Valdosta/Lowndes County Chapter of the Southern Christian


Leadership Conference, spoke to the board about the superintendent’s decision not to air


President Barack Obama’s speech on education during school hours.


Rose and hundreds of others converged on the BOE office demanding answers


for why the speech was not shown in a school system that is predominately black.


On the day the speech was scheduled to air, Rose and others met with Cason


and discussed why the speech would not be shown. Cason, Rose said, had plenty


of time between the meeting and the speech to call the schools and tell them


to allow the children to watch the speech.


Rose said Cason’s reasons for not showing the speech were that it did not align


with the Georgia Performance Standards that are the basis for school lesson plans


and that the speech and the lesson plans provided would cut into instructional time.


“Let us be clear,” Rose said. “We read the President’s speech, and at no time


did he propose lesson plans before, during, or after his speech, as claimed by


Dr. Cason. He never mentioned lesson plans. Never.”


Rose went on to say that any offer to show the speech later is not acceptable, he said.


“Here is what I know, here is what you know, here is what the hundreds of people


here and out in the street know,” Rose said. “If Dr. Cason were black and 80 percent of the school children in his district were white, and he arbitrarily decided not to allow white children to watch a white president’s ‘back to school’ speech,’ and whites came here tonight in the numbers that blacks have come to protest, he would resign, or be fired. And we are here to demand no less.”


Rose got a standing ovation after his address to the board.


Cason then responded to what he called “allegations and accusations.”


He said that he received notification of the speech only several days


before it was scheduled to be shown.


Cason went on to say that lesson plans were included to be used before,


during and after the speech.


During his comments a person from the audience shouted “He lies!”


As the lesson plans were presented they did not align with GPS, Cason said.


Checking around with other school systems in the area he found that many


chose not to air the speech at its scheduled time and if they did they had


provisions where students could opt out of watching the speech.





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So here you have it, if you dont bow down to barry's and the lefties wishes you can be reprimanded called a racist and have a a angry union acorn mob wanting to have you fired.


When did common sense go out the window!


This must be the Lefts last Stand, The Race Card!!!

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I really believe it's by design, T...


Obama was put up as a figurehead BECAUSE they knew


they could activate the black vote, which is why they have


worked to fund ACORN for years - it's been in the planning.


And now, they gleefully pull out the race card, because that


was their defense of their failed policies all along.


Ugly situation. But Obama is by far the most hateful, immature,


most destructively and superficially sold out to leftist historically failed idealogy,


and profoundly divisive president in our entire history.


"Buyer's remorse" is running rampant across the country. Too late to save us


from the next three years.


Can't wait for the pendulum to swing back and right the path our country is taking.

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