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Quinn/Edwards Chemistry

Guest Metcalf_FTW

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Guest Metcalf_FTW

Before saying this, I will state that I was in favor of Derek Anderson being the starter, but I am a Browns fan and firmly support whoever is at the helm.


As it has been written many time over the past week, the Quinn/Edwards connection, or lack-thereof, has not come close to the chemistry that D.A. had with Braylon.


That being said, I think Quinn loves to attempt and criticize critics and is always trying to prove himself to media and fans.


During the Denver game last season, Kellen Winslow had a career day in Brady's first start. All of the short passes using the middle of the field left Winslow on highlight reels and Braylon unseen. Many were critical throughout the week of Brady checking down to Winslow too much.


The following week, the first play from the line of scrimmage was a slant to Braylon against Buffalo. Not only that, but Braylon had the best game of his season that night, along with the Giants game. Quinn had several plays downfield to Braylon and looked like a completely different QB as he got his first win against the Bills.


This Sunday, Robert Royal will be used less and Quinn and Edwards will hook up on eight catches for two touchdowns.


I also wanted to add that during the preseason, can't remember which game but it was when D.A. was on fire with his deep ball, I think it was the second game of the preseason. Once Quinn looked on from the sidelines at how Anderson was slinging, his first play back in the game, Quinn rifled a deep pass to Robiskie.


The kid really wants to disprove critics. Whether it's because he wants to prove to the media that he has it or wants to prove to himself that he has it, I don't know.


But I do expect a big game from Brady and the rest of the team. GO BROWNS!

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And that's the attitude you want your QB to have. If somebody says "you can't do that" then his response is "the hell I can't"


He's not some QB who's content with just earning the starting gig, he wants to flourish at the position, he wants to bring glory back to Cleveland. He has a vested interest in this team. If Quinn doesn't succeed in Cleveland nobody will ever be able to say it was because of lack of effort.


Quinn hit Braylon for a TD in the preseason and had one called back on Sunday. I'm not worried about that chemistry. They've been able to practice all week together and like you I believe both are in store for a big game on sunday. Especially with Champ Baily and Dawkins out. They are going to exploit that weakness, and Quinn could have.....yes I'm gonna say it.....a drew brees type of day...



Way to set yourself up for ridicule

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