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Mary Kay Cabot, Record: 1-0


Broncos 23, Browns 17


"The Broncos have won nine straight home openers and eight straight over the Browns."



Tony Grossi, Record: 1-0


Browns 13, Broncos 10


"On the simple gut feeling that the Broncos are not a 2-0 team and the Browns are not an 0-2 team."



Bill Livingston, Record: 1-0


Broncos 24, Browns 13


"No need for the Touchdown Fairy for Denver this time with Brownies in town."



Terry Pluto, Record: 1-0


Browns 12, Broncos 10


"Browns win with four field goals and good defense."



Bud Shaw, Record: 0-1


Browns 17, Broncos 13


“Hi, My Name is Braylon” button helps Brady Quinn connect with Edwards."




Mary kay and bill livingston take the bronco's and the others show little faith...jeez with local sports press like this the national pundits look more browns friendly...;)


Browns 27

Dever 16

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They are still butthurt on the lack of information they get from mangini.


Or they are trying to be realistic. I agree that the lack of information has made the shitty journalists of the PD have to come up with something (GASP) creative...or maybe they just see the Broncos as a solid team with a bad quarterback, which is kind of how I see them. I still feel as though the Brownies will pull a win out today. Just playing devil's advocate.

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