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Is it Quinn or the receivers?


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It sure doesn't look like anyone is playing well.


Ocon "Mr. Obvious" Recon


Holy cow, just nothing is going well on offense. The frustrating thing is, what to do?


Here are my thoughts:



Problems (kind of in order)

1.Daboll (suck factory douche-nozzle Chud2)


2.RBs (jamal is goalline situations only at this point. And that's

passing situations. He'd be a mismatch in the endzone. Also he's a

beast on passblocking - I loved the way he upended Dawkins on one play

- Dumervil still pasted StPuss on the play and collapsed the pocket. I

don't know why he can't run anymore, I'm thinking it falls more on our



3. Right side of OL (holy hell StClair is atrocious)


4. 3rd down passing game (clearly Daboll is #1 here too but our only open

routes were 5 yds short of 1st down. Quinn gets a little blame but

I'll excuse him making those throws if that's what was open. Cribbs

gets some blame for not knowing where the line is. But props to both

guys for trying to make a play, that is, Quinn getting it to Cribbs in

space to give him a chance to do something)


5. No slants or Sceen passes all game. Is the playbook like some

murder/mystery drama where we'll get all of it at the end?


6. Quinn (actually didn't have an awful game but needed to play lights out FTW)


7. Pass Rush is almost there (but it seems like our pass coverage is

nonexistent Stokely ran all over the field).


8. Do we play TE's anymore?


9. Safties? With the #1 pick of the 2010 draft, the Cleveland Browns

select Eric Berry or Taylor Mays.

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