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1) Thanks to the organizers of the OSU/Toledo game. It was nice to be able to cheer for a winner at Cleveland Brown Stadium for once!


2) As irritating as this team is to watch right now, errrrr, since their return, this board may be just as aggravating if not more so. If I thought it would work, I would call for a DA/BQ moratorium. Seriously folks, neither one is an elite qb. That being said, either one could be serviceable if they didn't have to be superman every week.


3) .... actually a continuation of 2..... How bout we invoke a new rule just for fun! No one can trash DA or BQ UNTIL they trash another worthy player or situation! Scratching your head? Okay, I'll start.....


For example, you could choose any of these to complain about...


Did you see our right tackle, I mean, right doorman that politely ushered Dumervil into the pocket all day for his appointment(s) with Brady Quinn?


Did you see that great 1st and 10 run for one yard?!?! What do you mean which one?


Did you see that great screen play we executed flawlessly just like we practiced in the preseason!?!?!? Me neither.


Or how about how are receivers are reeeeeeally great at making the first tackler miss?


Or their ability to get open downfield?


Or the fact that are STAR and I mean STAR special teams player can't even focus on what he does best, saving his energy for bursting through a seam on a kick return, because he's busy playing #2 receiver? Yeah, that'll help.


How about the refs letting Denver get away with 14 men on the field on offense ALL DAY? I swear it looked like there were 8 or 9 guys blocking for Orton!


Let's not forget the 10 yard cushions our db's like to give, or our superb open field tackling.


Oh, almost forgot! How about that awesome sack, I mean WHIFF by Barton! That was awesome! Darn that elusive Kyle Orton!!



4) Fill in the blank............ "With the 4th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select.........."











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forgot number 5) ...... see that B@$tard Mangini on the sideline in his Browns hat? Notice how it was cocked to the side just a little?


Who does that remind you of? that's right, CC Sabathia! Mr Yankee!



Dude's missing NY! It's obvious! That's why he gift wrapped Sanchez for them!!



At least LBJ had the balls to wear an NY hat and not pussyfoot around with subliminal messages.

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