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TIDES (think SOROS funded) anti-capitalism schools video


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Now, this video, by TIDES, one of the Soros funded groups associated with Acorn and SEIU etc...


is being planned to be shown in schools.


It was designed for schools.


And those liberal teachers, product of liberal schools, will naturally want to show it. Gee, I wonder if they planned it that way


years and years ago when Bill Ayers...


nah. Can't be. @@


Say, if the libs can hold onto power until the kids get out of school, they could manipulate them to vote for them en masse !




propaganda is coming at us and school kids from all sides. It's a vicious movement to keep power now that they have it.


We are all in big, big trouble in the next few years, I think...

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Looks like a recruiting video its sad that young minds have to be subjected to this type of garbage.


Maybe the radicals will be able to get some new recruits.


And parents dont have a say in what is allowed to be taught to their children in public schools anymore.


I suggest that if anyone has children you get them out of the public school systems and into a good private school where they will actually learn something that will prepare them for life other than getting bombarded with this type of crap!

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Well, I have said long before, that the crises of school funding had to be changed people...



were liberals who wanted to radicalize the teaching agenda like this. But, it couldn't happen when


parents might be totally offended, they would vote against levies to send the message "NO, they are OUR KIDS,


and you can go to hell if you try that"


Whine about school funding, government controls school funding, parents have no say, and ...


bingo. The NEA, and individual state unions, liberal school boards and teachers, can start teaching


what radical agenda they WANT to teach, including, manipulating kids for Obama, and against any


conservative president.


And against God, despite their parents' objections.


And pro-gay agendas, and pro-socialism agendas, and anti-hunting, anti-gun, anti-military, anti-prayers...


Parents, and citizens of this country, will cede control of their lives.


It's what liberal/radicals do. And they want that power very, very badly.


And nobody should be surprised when they try to keep it by hook AND crook.


Like, the self-serving flip flop John mentioned, about the appts of replacement senators.


Whatever serves their cause, that's what they will do.


It's out in the open now.

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Just thought to add this to this thread....


it's a link to the video of school children being coached to sing praises to Obama.


Folks, the evidence is mounting up to a lot of worry.


The trouble is, how do you decide what to make of it all?



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